Pharma & Healthcare Logistics

Ensure the integrity and efficiency of your pharmaceutical supply chain with our specialized logistics solutions, meticulously designed to meet the stringent requirements of the healthcare industry.

Delivering Health, Every Step Of The Way.

Deliver excellence in pharmaceutical logistics with our dedicated services designed to safeguard the integrity of your sensitive medical products. From stringent temperature control to compliant handling, our expert team ensures the secure and efficient transportation of pharmaceuticals, meeting the highest industry standards. Trust us for reliable and tailored pharma logistics solutions that prioritize the safety, quality, and timely delivery of your critical healthcare products.

With a focus on transports to all EU, CEE, CIS and Central Asian countries, we have specialized in pharmaceutical transports for over 30 years and, thanks to our experience, can comply 100% with GDP requirements even for challenging routes. We currently handle around 3,500 pharmaceutical shipments a year and are able to fully satisfy the special demands of high-quality medication shipments with fixed transport temperature requirements in the field of pharmaceutical logistics. Lassmann Pharma Logistics offers a wide variety of equipment, including both double decker vehicles with satellite monitoring and smaller vehicles for express deliveries that require temperature control.

Online Monitoring

Ensure the integrity of your sensitive shipments with our online temperature monitoring and tracking & tracing services, providing real-time visibility and control over your valuable cargo.


Efficient and reliable FTL, LTL, and express transport services seamlessly connect your shipments across the EU, CEE, CIS, and Central Asia.


Experience pharmaceutical transport excellence with our services tailored to adhere strictly to GDP guidelines, ensuring the secure and compliant transportation of your valuable medical products.

24/7 Alarm Notifications

Elevate the security of pharmaceutical transport with our 24/7 alarm notifications service, delivering real-time alerts, safeguarding your valuable cargo against potential risks and ensuring the integrity of every shipment

Door Sensors

Optimize pharmaceutical transport integrity with our advanced door sensor technology, ensuring real-time monitoring and safeguarding the integrity of sensitive cargo by providing instant alerts for any unauthorized access or temperature variations.

Bi Temperature & Double Decker

Enhance pharmaceutical transport precision with our cutting-edge Bi-Temperature & Double Decker solutions, offering a tailored approach to temperature-sensitive cargo, ensuring optimal conditions and maximizing efficiency through innovative dual-compartment design

All-in-One Logistics: Your Gateway to Seamless Supply Chains

Experience seamless and comprehensive logistics solutions with our Full-Service Logistics, where every aspect of your supply chain is expertly managed under one roof, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and a streamlined end-to-end experience for your business needs.

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Air Freight

Experience swift and reliable air freight solutions tailored to your cargo's needs, ensuring timely delivery and global connectivity for your business.

Road Transports

Efficient and reliable road transport solutions connecting businesses across the European Union, CEE, CIS and Central Asia for seamless logistics and timely deliveries.