Road Transports

Efficient and reliable road transport solutions connecting businesses across the European Union, CEE, CIS and Central Asia for seamless logistics and timely deliveries.

Stop worrying about any transports problems.

Elevate your supply chain with our comprehensive road transport and logistics services tailored to meet your needs across the European Union, CEE, CIS and Central Asia. Lassmann Logistics ensures timely and secure deliveries, while our expert team navigates complex logistics, optimizing efficiency every step of the way. Experience a seamless and reliable transportation solution that bridges the gap between regions, facilitating the smooth flow of goods throughout the EU, CEE, and CIS.


Consolidation of goods in the Austrian central warehouse / customs warehouse until the desired departure

Transport Services

FTL and LTL transports across the European Union, CEE, CIS and Central Asia.

Special Requirements

Carrying out dangerous goods transports, special transports, as well as transports with a controlled temperature range using cooling and heating equipment.

Document creation and customs clearance

Simplify your logistics journey with our comprehensive service, offering expert document creation and customs clearance to facilitate smooth and efficient transport services while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Consistent status and runtime control

Ensure peace of mind for all your transports with our service, providing consistent real-time status updates and runtime control for your shipments, allowing you to track and manage logistics seamlessly.

Groupage Service

Facilitate cost-effective and efficient logistics with our weekly groupage transport service, connecting Western Europe to cities in CIS and Central Asia for seamless and reliable cargo delivery

Value added services

Enhance your logistics experience with our value-added services, designed to optimize efficiency, flexibility, and customer satisfaction throughout the entire supply chain.

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Air Freight

Experience swift and reliable air freight solutions tailored to your cargo's needs, ensuring timely delivery and global connectivity for your business.

Pharma & Healthcare Logistics

Ensure the integrity and efficiency of your pharmaceutical supply chain with our specialized logistics solutions, meticulously designed to meet the stringent requirements of the healthcare industry.